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Tea Jar produces unique flavours of tea in a wide variety which are able to capture the attention of the large number of tea lovers around the globe.

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Ceylon Young Hyson Green Tea


  100g per pack        50 servings per pack



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Our Ceylon Young Hyson Green Tea is a medicinally proven health beverage that is made with the highest quality tea leaves produced in the Pussellawa Valley in the central hills of Sri Lanka. Located 3000 feet above sea level, this high-grown tea is a powerful anti-oxidant that is known to reduce the risk of developing cancer cells, as well as assisting the body’s organs to function efficiently.

Tea Formats: 100g Loose Tea Packed in an Aluminum Pouch

Brewing Information

Use spring water 

95˚C –100˚C

1 Tea Bag per person

220ml of water per person

3 - 5 Minutes


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