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Tea Jar produces unique flavours of tea in a wide variety which are able to capture the attention of the large number of tea lovers around the globe.

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A little about KDU Group

We are perceived as one of the pre-eminent and largest tea manufacturers in Sri Lanka, provisioning a 4 percent of the entire tea production in the country. Under the brand name “Tea Jar” at K.D.U. Exports, we produce 11 million teas consisting 6 percent of the Low Grown category, within Sri lanka. Going from strength to strength, sustaining from the K.D.U GROUP, the synthesis of ingrained commitment, dedication and diligence has put ourselves at the summit of the tea industry. We are a great equalizer, a demanding attention from the counter of the smallest eatery to the most exclusive tea-bars in the world. Proudly claiming for a history of more than three decades of tea production, teas from Tea Jar possesses unique and specific characteristics of quality and taste attributed by the Passion and Provenance of the unique manufacturing practices, that have been mastered over the years, infused with contemporary creativity and imagination to satisfy the most judicious aficionado.


Cultivating tea is an art. The climate, composition of soil, growing season, harvest conditions and the skill employed in the processing of the tea leaves, all impact the flavour and aroma of the end product. This is why at KDU Group, we take the utmost care in cultivating and producing our Factory Series tea, ensuring that the tea is synonymous with quality and conforms to internationally acceptable food safety regulations.

 Harvested from our very own estates and processed in our eight state-of-the-art factories located in the Sabaragamuwa region, this tea is produced in keeping with the strictest hygienic standards, assuring high-quality factory fresh tea, with no added flavours.