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Tea Jar produces unique flavours of tea in a wide variety which are able to capture the attention of the large number of tea lovers around the globe.

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A little about Kandagasthenna Tea factory

A harvest of nearly 2.5 million kilograms of Black Tea each year makes this one of the largest tea producers in the Sabaragamuwa Province. The factory uses cutting edge technologies to ensure high quality, earning it the CQC 2 Star Award and HACCP Food Safety Standard and ISO 22000. The tea is sold under the “KDU”, “KDU Super” and “Rose Hill” garden marks and are held in high esteem.


  • Garden Marks – KDU super, KDU and Rose Hilla
  • Capacity – 200,000kg per month
  • Location – Palmadulla, Ratnapura
  • Region – Low grown
  • Standards – CQC 2 stars and Ethical Tea Patnership