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Tea Jar produces unique flavours of tea in a wide variety which are able to capture the attention of the large number of tea lovers around the globe.

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A little about Galpadithenna Tea factory

The Galpaditenne Tea Factory, situated in Lellopitiya, Ratnapura is a cutting-edge tea factory equipped with some of the finest machinery in the tea manufacturing industry and produces low grown orthodox and CTC Teas. The automation of the tea production process at the Galpaditenne Tea Factory, enabled it to efficiently produce over 4 million kilograms of tea annually, making it the world’s largest orthodox black tea manufacturing factory. It also holds the title of highest tea producer in a single factory continually for the last 18 years.

The factory also pioneered the use of fully automated fermenting machines for orthodox tea and a fully automated tea packing machine. The entire production process is carried on without any human intervention, ensuring consistent levels of quality, superior hygienic standards and eliminating all packing variance issues. The “Suduwalipathahena”, “Suduwalipathahena Super” and “Higalgoda” garden marks which the tea is sold under, is synonymous with high quality around the world.

The Factory has won many accolades including the 2013 National Plantation Award for Best Tea Factory (large scale) in the Ratnapura region, and the island as well as the SD Excellence Silver Award in 2013 and the SD Excellence Bronze Award in 2014.


Garden Marks

Suduwalipathahena super, Suduwalipathahena, Kalugalahena, Suduwalipathahena CTC, Suduwalipathahena A and Hiriliadda


300,000kg per month


Lellopitiya, Ratnapura


Low grown


HACCP, ISO22000, CQC QMS 2 Star and Ethical Tea Patnership